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Backpacking doesn't need a back pack

Phnom Penh

I have taken some time off from work. Meant to do this in 2009 to finish up school stuff. But life didn't need me to take time off then. Then 2010 happened. A friend suggested some time off...it only took a year to make it happen! Now in Perfect Storm style, the time has come to take a sabbatical.

am attempting to be semi-planned. To go with the flow...I am not a flow sort of person. I am structured, workplan kinda gal. The next few months and the time ahead is to find a space between militantly overly planned and hippy backpack. Good to point out that I do not truly backpack. Staying alone in hostels makes me untrusting. G-girl needs her hot water, shampoo, and air conditioning. Creature comforts and a grown up back pack.

Leather day bag (pretty, no?) and a pouch for hair, and one for make up, and one for toiletries. No traveling light here!

Am in Phnom Penh airport, thinking that I may not come back to Cambodia, except perhaps to show my future kids Angkor Wat. PP left me jaded. I recollect this same feeling about 10 years ago--watching a native puppet show in India and thinking, "This is not interesting. I have already seen this on TV." TV had ruined any joy I could have felt at seeing something real time. I wonder what I will feel when I see the pyramids of Egypt--that I already saw the pictures in National Geographic!

Central Market, Phnom Penh. French style.

Another interesting thing I noticed about myself is that I want to avoid anything not happy. In Ho Chi Minh I visited the Vietnam War Crimes Museum. It was deeply disturbing. In Phnom Penh I intentionally avoided the Khmer Rouge Atrocities Museum. I know that knowing more leads to more understanding. However, how much does one have to know? How much does one have to expose oneself to the cruelty that man is capable of? I have decided that for now, I know enough.

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